Michael Coffey
Digital Marketing Developer


Just a short list of some of the many skills I apply in my digital marketing work.

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Web Development

Developing static and dynamic websites with a professional level of knowledge on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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Email Marketing

Composing responsive and personalised email campaigns as a way to reach out to new leads and keep current customers up to date with activities.

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Social Media Marketing

Keeping up to date with customers by advertising campaigns through the social media channels.

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Graphic Design

Creating awesome graphical assets for any marketing project.

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Marketing Automation

Automate practical marketing strategies to attract new leads and nurture current prospects.

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SEO Specialist

Accelerate search engine optimisation with analytic tools and experienced knowledge.



Professional Life

I have always had a strong passion for effective marketing stratigies. I’ve studied various subjects that have given me a diverse skill set in order to be successful in Digital Marketing. I began freelancing in 2014 and have worked for a number of businesses and companies in New Zealand and Australia.

Personal Life

Hailing from the bustling Metropolis of Wellington, New Zealand. I love practising my passion for Illustration and Graphic Design. As an artist I enjoy blurring the lines between realism and flat design.

Contact Me

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30 Thatcher Crescent Crofton Downs